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Unable to open custom object instance after adding calculated string type attribute with text that is containing single quotes.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are unable to open instances of custom object instance. Getting error "Error 500 - Internal Server Error. The server could not retrieve the document due to server-configuration or other technical problems. Contact your site administrator."


1. Create custom object if one does not exist in the environment.
2. Create Calculated with Data Type = String and expression Concat("Test 'N/A'")
3. Place newly created attribute on General section under [Layout: Edit]
4. Navigate to Home->Custom Objects and choose your custom object
5. Attempt to open any instance of this custom object and get an ERROR System error. Contact system administrator. 

Expected Results: You should be able to open an instance successfully.

Actual Results: You get an ERROR System error. Contact system administrator"


Release : 15.6.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


DE60559, Fixed in 15.9.3.

Workaround: Remove single quotes from your text or create text attribute with Read-only and default set to the same text above.