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Syntax of the IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS parameter in the CAIQENVA member


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We are having issues with more than one option on the IBM_JAVA.OPTIONS statement.

When we set option to IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx256m" we see the HEAP set to 256m in a dump.

JRE: 325842792 bytes / 3328 allocations              

+--VM: 309922189 bytes / 2711 allocations   

|  +--Classes: 18650272 bytes / 491 allocations   

|  +--Memory Manager (GC): 274769793 bytes / 850 allocations

|  |  +--Java Heap: 268435456 bytes / 1 allocations

When we set option to IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xgcpolicy:optthruput -Xmx256m", we are seeing the following:

Dump thru jdmpview and confirms the heap is 512M:

JRE: 602811080 bytes / 3417 allocations    

+--VM: 584780021 bytes / 2792 allocations       

|  +--Classes: 18650272 bytes / 491 allocations  

|  +--Memory Manager (GC): 548520825 bytes / 886 allocations

|  |  +--Java Heap: 536870912 bytes / 1 allocations      


Wrong syntax for the IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS parameter.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


The syntax of the parameter IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS requires that all parameters are surrounded by quotes.

For example:

IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx256m" "-Xgcpolicy:optthruput" 

Both values surrounded by quotes.