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How to find Tomcat URL and port information for CA Broadcom products


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What is the URL and port number for a CA Broadcom product that uses Apache Tomcat?


The default port number for Tomcat is 8080, however the port number will be different if multiple instances are running or if using an SSL/TLS connection. There are a couple different ways to locate the port number being used by a Tomcat server. 

1. Look in the joblog for the Tomcat started task and issue a find command for 'Starting ProtocolHandler'. The output would look similar to this:

INFO: Starting ProtocolHandler ."http-bio-8080".

*Highlighted is the port number being used.

2. Look in the server.xml file located in the tomcat/conf directory. Use the find command to look for 'Connector port='. Keep in mind that there may be multiple connector ports and some may be commented out. Sample output would look like this:

<Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"

*Highlighted is the port number being used.

If the port number needs to be changed, configurations can be made manually to the server.xml file or by using the tomcatcf script.


The general URL structure for CA Broadcom products that utilize Tomcat is:


servername Specifies the fully qualified network name of the machine running the Apache Tomcat application server.

port Specifies the port number for the Apache Tomcat application server.

productdirectory Specifies the CA Broadcom product directory name. Please consult the product documentation under the Web/User Interface section for the specific product directory name.