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UIM IM console shows Archive as grey and fails to identify the primary hub robot with light green


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In IM console the Archive is grey and the primary hub robot as the same green color as the other robots instead of the light green that normally identifies the primary hub. 


A problem with a profile is causing it. 

To see the profiles go to IM > View > Manage Profiles. 


Release : 

Component : IM console


Deactivate activate data_engine and distsrv. 

If that fails to resolve it: 
At the primary hub:
stop the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service
rename the profiles folder at $\Nimsoft\hub\profiles 
make a backup copy of the \hub\security.* files
close IM 
start the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service
open IM 

Additional Information

distsrv log has:

distsrv: Failed to read a valid probe_crypto_mode from controller. Assuming pre-FIPS and using TWO_FISH