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Spectrumgtw Save Failed - Connection to specified Spectrum OneClick Server failed


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CA Spectrum


When configuring the UIM Spectrumgtw probe using the Admin Console the following error occurs when trying to save the configuration

Save Failed.

Message: Connection to the Specified Spectrum OneClick Server failed.


Possible Causes

- incorrect server name or IP Address specified
- incorrect Protocol Specified (http / https)
- incorrect port specified
- incorrect spectrum user/password specified


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER



Verify the Spectrum OneClick configuration information has been properly specified and validate the connection
   by selecting the 'Actions' Menu ~~> Validate Connection. 

The probe uses Spectrum's RESTful interface and will need to make an http/https connection. Verify if there are any
   firewalls between the UIM server and the OneClick server and if so make sure the oneclick port is open.

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