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Portlets or object views customized by users


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Is there a way to know what portlets have been customized by your users? This may be needed when you have to publish a portlet (Example: Resource Planning \ Workloads) but after publishing, your end user-related settings will get reset. You may want to send notifications to those who have configured / customized columns to warn them prior to publishing. If there is nothing available in the Clarity UI, is there a SQL query (or table) that can be provided to show the list of users that have customized their columns on the portlet?


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Out of the box, there is no view/function to check which out the box portlets have been changed by users. This can be checked by querying the database.

The following query can help to find who has configured their portlets:

select,P.PORTLET_CODE, cg.is_customized, dal_code, cg.portlet_id,cg.code, u.user_name, u.first_name||' '||u.last_name Who , cg.last_updated_date When_Customised
from cmn_grids cg
inner  join cmn_sec_users u on cg.principal_id =
left join cmn_portlets p on P.ID=CG.PORTLET_ID
cg.principal_type = 'USER' and u.USER_STATUS_ID = '200'
and cg.is_customized = 1

Additional Information

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