Password Parameter update across multiple applications
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Password Parameter update across multiple applications


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We have a Password Environment Parameter which is used in many applications and each application has many environments. We have to change the password in each application and each environment. Is there a way to more efficiently reset the password on all of these parameters?


Release : 6.7



The update-environment-parameter can be used to update Environment Password parameters - as well as other parameters. Here is an example of the "data" you can use in the "data" field of the Swagger page to test the update-environment-parameter API:

{"application":"UpdateEnvPasswords","environment":"Environment for Default Architecture","parameterPath":"SCUpdatePass/path/to/envpasswd","simpleValue":"mysecret-shhh"}

This "data" worked for changing the value of the environment parameter password represented in the picture below.

Additional Information

To test this, click on the help menu in the upper right corner of the ROC. Then select "REST API (Swagger)". This will open a new page where you can find all of the public APIs - with the ability to test each one. Then:

  • Click on the hyperlink (available in the main body of the page) for "Public API V4 : RC Api Controller".
  • Search for "update-environment-parameter" API. There should be only one available. Click on it to expand the API. This will show a "data" field.
  • Copy and paste the example "data" text above into the "data" field in the swagger UI/Page. 
  • Replace with values that are valid for your environment. 
  • Type "v4" in the versionId field
  • Click "Try it out!"
  • Review the output.
  • Verify the updated value. You can do this by running a "Run Command Line" action to echo the environment parameter password to a file .Then review and delete the file.