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What is the Name and ID refer to in the downloaded Masking Config file in Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When testing an issue in masking noticed the following issue with the Masking Configuration File name:

Observed that masking configuration File name had the suffix  like 104, For the same schema, as many times try to select a new sets of tables and create a new config, they all create the same name Test and 104 in the config file


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer - TMX Script Generator


Not a defect, working as designed.


The Masking configuration file is created with the FDM_EnvironmentName_EnvironmentID. In the, Test is related to the Environment Name and 104 is the Environment Id. When you use same schema and select new sets of tables also the configuration file is created with the same name. When you use different environment then the configuration file name will change accordingly.

Additional Information

The Rest API documentation is available at

 Available API's can be found at  https://localhost:8443/TDMProjectService/swagger-ui.html. Need to use correct hostname instead of localhost. To get Projects and Versions information, use the API's at  

To find the the Environments information, need to use the API's at https://localhost:8443/TDMDataReservationService/swagger-ui.html.

To get the environment, need to use ProjectId and Version ID from the TDMProjectService API's and use it in- https://Hostname:8443/TDMDataReservationService/api/ca/v1/environments?projectId=2356&versionId=2357

More APIs's relate to

. TDM Job Service at https://localhost:8443/TDMJobService/swagger-ui.html

. TDM Masking Service at https://localhost:8443/TDMMaskingService/swagger-ui.html

. TDM Model Service at https://localhost:8443/TDMModelService/swagger-ui.html