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[CAUAJM_W_112114] The CA EEM application "WCC0004" is of a higher version.


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CA Workload Automation AE


We are testing the Autosys 12.0.1 code - DVDLIN0000000121.iso.

When I install WCC, I get below warning . 

CA EEM Security for Web UI Validation

[CAUAJM_W_112114] The CA EEM application "WCC0004" is of a higher version.


EEM version used is . The code was installed from DVD0000000002862.iso - the 12.0 AE . Is the warning a concern?




Release : 12.0



The version number that is present in the EEM application WCC0004 is used only during the time of install and upgrade. It does not have any functional impact on Autosys Web UI (WCC) releases  R12.0.1, R12, or below.

There are no EEM policy changes in between the AutoSys release R12.0.1 and R12. So if the WCC0004 application version is 12.0/12.1 it should not be a problem. The warning can be ignored and we can continue the installation. 

The WCC0004 application version being 12.1 can create a problem when there is actual AutoSys R12.1,  as there is no functional impact in the current release hence we have planned to fix (both fresh and upgrade) the installer problem in the next release R12.1