Workflow tasks not getting canceled when CO status is set to Cancelled
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Workflow tasks not getting canceled when CO status is set to Cancelled


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There is a Classic workflow attached to a change category. When updating the Change Order status to Canceled, only the first workflow task gets cancelled and the remaining workflow tasks goes to pending state instead of cancelled state.


Release : 17.1 and higher



The issue occurs if one has modified the initial Task Status of "Wait".  The setting that is of concern is "Task Completed"

In the above, the Task Completed setting is set to "Yes".  The out of box setting is set to "No".  

When a new CO is being created under these conditions, the workflow tasks will start with a status of Wait, but are considered to be "Task Completed" as a result of the above setting configured to "Yes".  When the CO status is set to "Cancelled", the expectation would be for all remaining Workflows to go to Cancelled status.  However, in this scenario, the internal processing to cancel the remaining workflow tasks will not set the workflow task that has a "Wait" status to "Cancelled" because the given workflow tasks that are in a "Wait" status are considered to be "Task Completed", and so does not need to be set to a "Cancelled" status.  This is working as designed.


Setting the "Task Completed" setting on the Wait Task Status back to "No", which is the original setting for this Workflow Task Status will address the issue, and the Workflow tasks that are in Wait status are moved to "Cancelled".

One will need to re-examine the business need to have a Workflow Task that is in Wait status to be considered "Task Completed" as this will prevent the task from being set to a Cancelled status if the CO itself needs to be moved to Cancelled.