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Alarm not clearing in Spectrum when incident is closed in Service Desk


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CA Spectrum


We have Spectrum 10.4.2 integrated with Service Desk Manager (SDM) 17.3. When an incident in Service Desk is closed, the associated alarm in Spectrum is not clearing as expected.

The following error is seen in the oc-integration.log file on the SDM system:

(Wed Mar 31, 2021, 13:54:55) - === Done ===
(Wed Mar 31, 2021, 13:54:55) - === Received new notification ===
(Wed Mar 31, 2021, 13:54:55) - Error occurred - unable to process notification.
Caused by: Unable to read data file
 at OneClickNotification.readDataFile(
 at OneClickNotification.main(
Caused by: 
 at Method)
 at Source)
 at<init>(Unknown Source)
 at<init>(Unknown Source)
 at OneClickNotification.readDataFile(


Release : Spectrum 10.4.* integrated with SDM 17.3

Component : Spectrum Integrations


For SDM 17.3, we are seeing the following error when running the perl script which is triggered by the NotifyOneClick.bat file:

STDIO                    0 Unimplemented: POSIX::tmpnam(): use File::Temp instead at C:/PROGRA~2/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/perllib/5.28.2/MSWin32-x64-multi-thread/ line 185.
04/16 03:44:15.02 servdsk-w16vm1 pdm_proctor_nxd         4856 SIGNIFICANT  STDIO                    0 Unimplemented: POSIX::tmpnam() at line 26.
04/16 03:44:15.02 servdsk-w16vm1 pdm_proctor_nxd         4856 SIGNIFICANT  STDIO                    0 BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 26.
04/16 03:44:15.04 servdsk-w16vm1 pdm_proctor_nxd         4856 SIGNIFICANT  STDIO                    0 The syntax of the command is incorrect.

SDM 17.3 GA has an upgraded perl library. The perl script is using "use POSIX qw(tmpnam);". This is an unsupported POSIX method which is throwing this error message.


Edit the perl script. Look for "use POSIX qw(tmpnam);" and change it to "use File::Temp qw(tmpnam);".

Additional Information

NOTE: SDM 17.3 is not an officially supported version of SDM for the integration with Spectrum.

DM 17.2 is the official version of SDM for the integration with Spectrum. SDM 17.2 does not have this issue.

Reference the "Integration Compatibility" section of the documentation for details.