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MOI CABI Reporting Patch for Inclusion of the MSU1H Metric and Default Aggregation Behavior Changes for Selected Percentage Metrics


Article ID: 212919


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


The following MOI CABI reporting issues have been addressed with the attached CABI reporting patch script:

1)  The SYSVIEW MSU1HAVG metric data currently has a value of zero when included on reports.   This metric is no longer being populated by SYSVIEW so there will be null values sent to the MOI appliance which will show as zeroes on reports.    The MSU1H metric replaces the MSU1HAVG metric.   MSU1HAVG was retained to insure that historical data and previously created reports would not result in user interface failures if the metric was totally removed from the valid metrics and reporting domains.

2) The SYSVIEW MSU1H metric is available for Green Highways creation but was not available for CABI Reporting.   The MSU1H metric has been added to the CABI reporting domain and is now available for use in new report creation. 

3)  Selected metrics that are percentages like MSU1HPCT are being SUMMED by default on CABI reports which is producing charts which show values that really are confusing.   They should be showing AVERAGE values by default.   These metrics have had their default aggregation changed to AVERAGE with this patch.  









Release : 2.0.0*



Summary of the changes made in this CABI reporting patch:

1. Default report aggregation of the following metrics changed from SUM to AVERAGE:
2. Added new metric MSU1H to CABI reporting domain under Z/OS System->Service Unit.  Default aggregation behavior of MSU1H is AVERAGE. 
Please find below steps to execute the patch script:
1. Download the script and files,   Enable_MSU1H.tar_1618522854876.gz  , that is attached to this Knowledge Document to your MOI appliance. 
2. Extract the contents using:
   [[email protected] ok]# mkdir Enable_MSU1H
   [[email protected] ok]# tar -xzvf Enable_MSU1H.tar_1618522854876.gz -C Enable_MSU1H/
3. Verify the contents after extract:
   [[email protected] ok]# ls -l Enable_MSU1H
total 10016
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root     2274 Apr 14 18:58
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 10095297 Apr 14 17:50
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root   155496 Apr 14 16:49 MTCOICalcite_Model.json
4. Execute the script
[[email protected] ok]# cd Enable_MSU1H
[[email protected] Enable_MSU1H# ./


Enable_MSU1H.tar_1618522854876.gz get_app