Where is the Investment Stage lookup?
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Where is the Investment Stage lookup?


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The Investment Object or Project Object has an attribute for Stage, when looking at the definition of this attribute it shows a Lookup Name = 'Investment Stage'. Searching for a Lookup with this name is not found.  

Where is this Lookup?  

Is it possible to add more data values to the Lookup? 

Is it possible to add more levels to the Lookup? 



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Static Dependent Lookup Name and ID: Investment Type (ID = INV_TYPE)

To locate this lookup, navigate to Administration, Lookups and search for ID = INV_TYPE.

The attribute on the Investment Object (or Project Object) may show a label of 'Investment Stage' on the Lookup Name, but this is actually referring to the 'Exit' Level of the 'Investment Type' Lookup.

The 'Investment Stage' or 'Stage' attribute is associated with the 'Investment Type' Lookup (Lookup Id = INV_TYPE).  This is a system-restricted, Static Dependent List.  System-restricted lookups indicate that there might be restrictions, limitations, or built-in logic associated with the Lookup usage.  Because this is a Static Dependent Lookup, when it is defined on an object attribute, the properties specify the 'Entry' and 'Exit' Levels.  Therefore, the name of the Lookup is showing the 'Entry' Level Label 'Investment Stage' where the ID = INV_STAGE_TYPE.


Additional Information

Adding Lookup Values or Levels:

  • Referencing the 'Stage' attribute properties, you will see this is a stock attribute that is configured to 'Exit' on the 3rd level, the 'Investment Stage' level.
  • Adding more levels below this, will not be displayed on this attribute due to this stock configuration.
  • If you want to expose more levels (below 3) on this lookup in an attribute, create a new user-defined attribute, linked to this Lookup and set the 'Exit' level to the lowest level currently available from additional levels configured.  
  • The administrator can add more values at level 3 and they will appear for selection to the user using the stock 'Stage' attribute.