Installing multiple Collectors - general questions
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Installing multiple Collectors - general questions


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CA Workload Automation AE


In 12.x we can install multiple collectors to do load balancing.  Can additional details be shared about collector load balancing and any items to keep on mind before implementing multiple collectors?


Release : 12.0



- Each Collector requires connection to all the Autosys instances configured in the WCC database. Job/Machine/Alarm/Reporting collections can happen from any of the nodes

- WCC database tables  CFG_COLLECTOR_NODES  / CFG_COLLECTOR_TASKS   could be used in combination to identify what collector task is running against what Autosys definition, on what collector server

- If there a collector node failover of some sort (node is stopped for example), a shift of collector tasks from that node to another happens

- Before you add new Autosys servers to the list of servers that WCC can use, bring all the collector nodes online first. This makes a good distribution of the tasks from the beginning.

- We can definitely install one or more remote collectors within the same machine where the default collector is installed based on the resources within the machine and data load. Irrespective of this, we can install the Remote collectors in separate machines as well.

- The Collectors support the Application Server load balancing, where if multiple Appservers configured, each of the collector can use different AppServer so that the load over the AppServer is also reduced.

- Irrespective of number of collectors, all of them should be pointing to the same WCC Collector Database.

- If a given WCC install has multiple collectors (collector1, collector2, collector3), and that WCC is configured to use multiple Autosys instances (AC1, AC2, AC3 etc.,).   A specific collector (say collector1) cannot be specifically dedicated to a specific instance of Autosys (say AC3).   They all distribute tasks about all instances automatically.