Enable Ping Icon in Manage Computers for Non-Administrator Roles
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Enable Ping Icon in Manage Computers for Non-Administrator Roles


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite IT Management Suite


You have non-administrator roles and want to allow users in those roles the ability to initiate a ping against a computer using the icon next to Agent Communication. The icon is not currently showing for the role in use.


ITMS 8.6


The role needs a privilege and a permission required to see the icon (privilege) and the rights to run the ping task (permission). We have seen that after an upgrade to 8.6, the ping icon does not show any longer than it did in the previous version. 


While logged into the console as a user in the Symantec Administrator role, navigate to Settings > Security > Account Management

Select Roles on the left pane

Select the desired role in the center pane

On the right pane, scroll down to the section called Right Click Menu - Connector Samples

Enable Ping Computer

Click Save Changes

Click Show Security Role Manager Console

Verify that the role is the correct one (top left drop-down)

Select View dropdown to show All Items

Navigate on the left pane to Settings > Notification Server > Resource and Data Class Settings > Data Classes > Inventory > Basic Inventory > Aex AC TCPIP

On the right pane under Item Permissions, select Read Resource Data under Resource Management Permissions

To also show the Send Basic Inventory and Update Client Configuration task icons, do the following:

On the left pane to View > Tasks, and then click the eyeglass icon just below to show hidden items

Navigate to Tasks > Jobs and Tasks > Infrastructure Jobs and Tasks > Notification Server

Click on each item, Send Basic Inventory and/or Update Client Configuration, and enable the Run Task option


Click Save changes and test the role.