How to perform 2up and duplex printing using CA Spool?
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How to perform 2up and duplex printing using CA Spool?


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The Advanced Laser Printer Interface borrows some concepts from AFP printing without using any real AFP resources.
You can assign a PAGEDEF, FORMDEF and CHARS values to the file and those names will be pulled and processed from the IMAGELIB DD statement.


The specific steps to setup this interface and perform 2up and duplex printing are:

  • Define each printer with the NODE statement in the start-up parms. The device type must be XX-xxxxx in the NODE or DEFNODE statements of the CA Spool start-up parms. The xxxxx can be any characters. Use one device type for each combination of a printer model and a protocol converter model. If the device type is unknown to CA Spool, it must be defined using the DEFNODE statement. Use the following as an example: 


  • Parameters USEREXIT=LINE or USEREXIT=PAGE must not be specified. If specified, they are not supported.
    USEREXIT=FILE and USEREXIT=ASESSION can be used to send data to the printers.
  • Update the module XDEVTYPS, which is supplied in CAI.CBQ4OPTN. The module contains an entry for each device type.
  • If anything was changed in the XDEVTYPS module, similar changes must be made to all the sample FORMDEFs, PAGEDEFs, and CHARS modules.
  • Assemble and link the modules.
    Note: The job BQ4JXXLS in CAI.CBQ4JCL can be used for this. The data set into which the load-modules are linked can be either SYS1.IMAGELIB, or another load library, which is allocated on an IMAGELIB DD statement in the CA Spool start-up procedure.
  • Startup or reinitialize CA Spool.
  • Create a file in CA Spool, you can run the job XLASDEMO in CAI.CBQ4OPTN, that is at least two pages long with PAGEDEF=W12883 (or W120C2), FORMDEF=A10110 (or A10111) and CHARS=GT16.
    XPW12883 (PAGEDEF=W12883) is a landscape 2-up
    XPW120C2 (PAGEDEF=W120C2) is a portrait 2-up
  • To implement duplex and 2UP a new FORMDEF should be created (eg. XFA10111) based on the supplied CBQ4OPTN(XFA10110) and add the $LPCMS macro to specify <esc>l1S PCL duplex command.

Additional Information:

Please refer to the Advanced Laser Printer section in the CA Spool Customization Guide for further details.


Release: CMASLI00200-11.7-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser