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ARD fails to launch with Code Integrity Check Failed message


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


We're trying to implement a new install package for ARD 2.x.and are receiving an error message when launching the application:

Code integrity check failed -> Application is terminated


This is a Wibu error message that means something tried to tamper with the AgileDesigner.exe process and the Wibu protection shell detected that and terminated the application. 

It could have been an antivirus trying to debug the process for a heuristic analysis, or tampering with the install, or not cleanly uninstalling ARD and CodeMeter. It's been known to happen when a user clicks 'Debug' on any error message that occurred while launching ARD, while using ARD, or while using CodeMeter.  

As a security measure, CodeMeter invalidates your ARD license when clicking on 'debug' because it thinks that someone is hacking into ARD.


Release: 2.x

Component: CA Agile Requirements Designer



Unfortunately, the only resolution to this particular error is to uninstall ARD and CodeMeter, reinstall.

Depending on the type of License you have, the license could be invalidated. You may need to reach out to the Broadcom Global Assistance team and request a new ARD License.