SYSVIEW JVM component Installation
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SYSVIEW JVM component Installation


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


To create a symbolic link to the jvm agent.

1) Locate the path you want to create the symbolic link (shortcut) for. In your case, you want to create symbolic link for /sysview/cnm4g00/runtime/jvmdata/binpc/

2) Determine the path where you want the symbolic link to live at. This can be anywhere that is accessible in USS.

For this example, I'm going to say we want the symbolic link to live at /sysview/jvmagent64

3) From a USS environment, execute the following command string to create the symbolic link: ln -s /sysview/cnm4g00/runtime/jvmdata/binpc/ /sysview/

4) Verify that the symbolic link was created.


Will this be made part of the install procedure? 

Can you add a batch procedure to STEP6 that will ctrate this link?


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


There are currently no plans to make creating a symbolic link to the agent part of the SYSVIEW install procedure.

The INST0006 install job allows you to define the runtime path where the agent lives.

If you want to create a symbolic link to that directory, that is your decision and specific to your environment.

Creating symbolic links is not something we would normally document, it was just a recommendation I had made to you because it seemed appropriate for the question you asked about having the fmid in the runtime path.


Additional Information

There's lots of documentation out there about using symbolic links in UNIX environments and the benefits they can provide.

Symbolic links can be created for any file or directory in the environment, but doing so is not something we deem necessary to document or include in the install job.

videos regarding configuring/using the z/OS Connect component of SYSVIEW. 

Here are the links (posted on YouTube):