Update of TLMS TI interface.
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Update of TLMS TI interface.


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TLMS Tape Management


Additional fields have been added to the TLMS TI ISPF interface.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


Install TEST PTF's LU00932 and LU00929. The panels have redesigned to give more useful information. Robot type/ID, bytes written, and bytes stored are now displayed.

Added the ISPF Configuration Utility to use the I, M, or S command by the tape dataset.
1.      Use ISPCCONF to use your ISPF Configuration Utility                   
2.      Select option 1 (create/modify settings )                             
3.      Select option 3 (PDF Exits  )                                         
4.      Scroll to the second page and put a "/" to "Enable RM/Tape            
5.      Put in %TI as the RM/Tape Command and "TMS" as the Command APPLID    

After you have verified the Keyword Table Contents, build the configuration table load module.                                      
Once built, you can simply STEPLIB to the updated configuration table in your ISPF session or add it to the LINKLST.