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OPS/MVS - How to determine compatibility required for z/Enterprise Processors machines


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


How do I determine if the new processor will be compatible, or require any actions upon upgrade with my current release of CA OPS/MVS? 


Release : 13.0 and above 

Component : OPS/MVS


Visit the Broadcom z/Enterprise Compatibility page to determine if the release of CA OPS/MVS being used is compatible with current IBM z/Processors:

To access all compatibility charts for OPS/MVS from the Broadcom Mainframe Support landing page, scroll down on the page and select the link titled 'Compatibility Matrix'.  

Next, from the Mainframe Compatibilities page, options for z/OS compatibility, IBM z/Enterprise compatibility (processors), etc may be selected.  Then on the compatibility page for the type of compatibility, note the device/release/processor column at the top of the table and scroll down until CA OPS/MVS and the appropriate release are found.  If any PTFs or actions are required, there will be a link in the box under the appropriate column.   

The various compatibility tables available from the Mainframe Compatilities page include: