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Is there any way to do a bulk update to the groups of change orders?


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Is there any way to do a bulk update to the groups?

I want to transfer Change Orders from one resolver group to another.

This tech doc explains the options Service Desk administrators have when face a task like this.


Release : 17.1/17.2/17.3



Currently there is no feature in Service Desk out of box that allows you do bulk update/transfer change order group. That being said, you could explore some options

1. if the number of changes orders is not big, you can manually do  this from web interface, one change order at a time

2. if the number of change orders is big, you can consider one of these three

2.1 write a web service script

Please refer to

for web service methods. For example, your script uses doQuery() to retrieve the change order list and loop thru the return and for each change order use updateObject() to change the group field. For web service script writing, you would need to do it yourself or have some consultant do it for you as Support can't write the script for you.

2.2 update this directly in mdb database

the table is chg and the field is group_id

2.3 use pdm_extract/pdm_load

for example, run this command to dump all these change orders to a file call change.txt

pdm_extract -f "select id, group_id from Change_Request where group_id=U'3ACEFAED55257CD'" > change.txt

where 3ACEFAED55257CD is an example of group id

and then modify change.txt to have the new group id and finally run

pdm_load -a -f change.txt


For all methods of option 2, please have the mdb(at least chg table) backed up before you perform any steps. Also you would need to make sure option group_assignee_independent is not installed--if it is installed please de-install it and recycle SDM. With this option installed, there will be some unexpected results as some change orders' assignee is not a member of the new group.