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CA Dispatch is writing reports from the same job out to JES at different times


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


A job runs and sends 5 reports to CA Dispatch. CA Dispatch writes 3 of these reports out to JES for print at virtually the same time. The other two reports from this job are not written out to JES until some time later, and we've seen times where it's been hours after the first three reports were written.

It's always the same two reports that are written out late. And, the recipient of these two reports is defined with a Bundle Release flag of 'T', so CA Dispatch is not waiting for any maildrop bundling criteria to be met before writing the bundles out to JES.


Release : 11.7, 11.6

Component : CA Dispatch


The delay in writing the two reports out to JES for print was caused by having two different RPI subtasks processing the reports generated by the same job, in conjunction with the volume of reports being processed by CA Dispatch.


The problem was resolved by changing the DESTINATION in the jobs JCL such, that all 5 reports from the job were all processed by the SAME RPI subtask. Once this was done, all 5 reports were written out to JES at the same time.