Proxy port information in reporter
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Proxy port information in reporter


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Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA Reporter


Requirement is to fetch reports for connection made to proxy port.

Port 8080 for example.


By default access logs does not note Proxy-Port information however we can configure a costume log format.


First you will need add 's-port ' to access log format, Once the new format is save proxy will start recording proxy port information in access logs. 
Note this will not applied any old access logs , only new access logs will have information.


Next Proxy would forward these logs to configured reporter. 

In reporter you need to configure custom log field for ' s-port '

Once you reload the database , Reporter would start recording new custom log field in this database. 

You can add custom log field in full detail log report. 


After sometime , once access logs with new format are reporter you can also create custom reports for proxy port.