No archive information found (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP)
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No archive information found (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP)


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


SAP Jobs submitted in API mode with 'uxstra sap api jobname.....) aborts on occasion with the following information in the job log:

===================== SUBMISSION ERROR =====================
can't add step [1] [AQA0BULLDOZER===ZVER_39_00====]
BAPI error number : 051
      id   : XM
      message : No archive information found (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP)



In the universe.log file :


|INFO |X|SAP|pid=p.t| uxsap_mgr_to_sap_print_xb | Parameter [ARMOD] value [3]


In this context the parameter archive mode is never set by the customer, it is left to the default value 1.



Release : 6.x


Sub-Component: Manager for SAP


The problem is somewhere between the Dollar Universe (SAP Manager) and the generation out of the BAPI call of BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP on the RFC communication channel.

If the archiving mode is not set in the step section of the sap api instruction, so it should take the default value of 1, the reason why SAP receives a BAPI call with archive mode set to 3 has still to be determined.

If this mode is not existing on the sap system, the job will abort.

The Root cause of this problem has still too be identified.


At this time, only a workaround currently exists.

Force use Archiving Mode to 1 for all SAP API jobs, by modifying the script setting the variable ARCHIVING_MODE with the value 1 instead of leaving the parameter empty.

Example 1:

If all you Uproc Scripts launch this kind of command "uxstr sap api" :

$UXEXE/uxstr sap api jobname="${JOBNAME}" ${SCHEDULE} ${MODE_START}\

You can workaround the problem by adding the variable ARCHIVING_MODE with the value set to 1 in the Node Variables of the node.

Example 2:

If the command "uxstr sap api" in each Uproc Script only contains the variable names for the different parameters that are usually set like below:

 ${UXEXE}/uxstr SAP API JOBNAME=${JOBNAME} steplist="((UNIVERSE,F,${ABAP},${VARIANTE},${PRINTER},,${COPIES},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,${SPOOLNAME}))"

You can workaround the issue by replacing in the Uproc Scripts ( or using a U_ANTE_UPROC) the above command by the following where the ARCHIVING_MODE is set with value 1:

${UXEXE}/uxstr SAP API JOBNAME=${JOBNAME} steplist="((UNIVERSE,F,${ABAP},${VARIANTE},${PRINTER},,${COPIES},,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,${SPOOLNAME}))"


Additional Information

As already mentioned, the Root Cause for that problem is still unclear as the problem cannot be reproduced at Broadcom and it should still be investigated.

Therefore our R&D Department would need more information from the customer.

If the customer is willing to contribute to these investigations by providing more information, following actions should be performed.

-- A case at BROADCOM Support must opened.

-- Please activate the following trace in the Node Settings of this node.

           Nodes Settings ==> Logging ==> Main Log Level ==> 0,SAPGMR,RFC,JNL

           Nodes Settings ==> Manager for SAP Solution ==> Trace the RFC Communication between the Manager and ==> SAP ==> 3

-- add the command 'set -x' before the call to uxstr sap api in the Uproc script 

Provide after the next occurence.

-- The job log of the impacted Uproc

-- all *trc files present in the subfolder log/rfc 

-- the dev_rfc.trc file from the same folder.

-- the universe.log file of the Dollar Universe Node

-- Date and Time of the impacted Job execution.

-- Name of the Uproc

-- The script used by that uproc.