How to disable IAM Connector Server Console
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How to disable IAM Connector Server Console


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CA Identity Manager


Vulnerability scan detects the following ports used in IAM Connector Server console as vulnerable.

Port 20080

Port 20443


Is it possible to disable the IAM connector Server Console?


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Port 20080 is the default port for the CA IAM Connector Server UI (non SSL) and 20443 the default port for SSL.

The UI will only be used in an enterprise deployment if there is ever a need to hot-deploy connectors.

Therefore, the UI can be disabled if you are not using a custom certificates to communicate with endpoints, or a custom connector.


The procedure for disabling the UI is as follows:

  1. Backup “” file from the following folder to another folder, then open original file.

         <Identity Manager DIR>\Connector Server\etc

  1. Change the following part in the file from "true" to "false"


  1. After saving the file, restart “CA Identity Manager – Connector Server (Java)” service.


If you need to use IAM Connector Server console, change false to true in the above procedure and restart the service.