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CA Pan/SQL: IJ3STGE1, CB2ACMDL, and SQLINST4 descriptions


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Please provide a summary description of the CA Pan/SQL jobs: IJ3STGE1, CB2ACMDL, and SQLINST4 (if more than one subsystem).

These three jobs are located in the highlevelqualifer.INSTALL.PDS and are run after the RECEIVE and APPLY jobs when necessary to relink.


CA Pan/SQL, release 2.4C (0203)


Here is the summary we discussed of the CA Pan/SQL jobs found in the highlevelqualifier.INSTALL.PDS:
 IJ3STGE1 is for the DB2 setup and interface creation.
 The DBRMLIB must exist and be an 80-byte PDS.
 This creates views in the DB2 catalog and assembles the interface command processor   macro: DQSMCMD. 
 The DB2 BIND and GRANT ACCESS are done.
 CB2ACMDL is the job which links DQSMCMD into the 8 CA Pan/SQL modules.
 This must be run after the IJ3STGE1 job or a timestamp error will occur.
 SQLINST4 is only run if you have more than one subsystem.
 This job will then be run on the other subsystems to do the DB2 BIND
 into the alternate subsystems.
 This creates views and binds the previously created plan into the
 alternate subsystems.