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What will happened with CICS transactions when ACF2 is stopped and started?


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ACF2 - z/OS


When increasing the ACF2 database to support RULELONG. The following steps are taken, what will happened with CICS transaction during ACF2 downtime (between Step 4-5)?

1. BACKUP ACF2 databases (F ACF2,BACKUP)
2. Switch ACF2 to backup set (F ACF2,SWTCH...
3. Delete and re-define larger ACF2 DB
4. P ACF2
5. S ACF2...  (start with larger ACF2DB)

The production control group is afraid to get an outage to clients and trx lost. What will happen and what will work or not?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


When stopping and starting ACF2, any resource or dataset validation or system access request will receive an ACF2 ACF9BCCC or ACF9CCCC message prompting(console prompt) for a response of 'U' to continue, 'C' to cancel or 'W' to wait while ACF2 is down.

If the operator replies with a U, the job continues without CA ACF2 access controls. Replying with a C flushes the job without further intervention. If the operator replies with a W, CA ACF2 security routines wait for CA ACF2 to become ready to process requests.

To reduce the number of ACF9BCCC and ACF9CCCC prompts the system should quiesced and steps to pause or reduce online region activities should be taken before stopping ACF2.