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Department is incorrect in Cost Plan for a Non-Labor Role


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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a financially active Project and associate to a Department OBS Unit

2.  Add Non-Labor role to the Team

3.  Verify that Staff OBS Unit for the Non-Labor Role is different than the Project OBS Unit

4.  In MUX, Create a Cost Plan 

5.  Grouping Attributes = Department and Role

6.  Populate from Allocations


Expected Results - The Department in the Cost plan is populated with the Staff OBS Unit from the non-Labor resource

Actual Results - The Department in the Cost plan is populated with the Project Department OBS Unit


Working as designed.

Per the documentation, the department for a Non-labor Resource first looks at the Entity Source Location.  If nothing is found then it populates with the Investment department.

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If you would like Non-Labor Roles to populate with the Staff OBS Unit, please update the Entity Source Location.

  1. Go to Classic, Administration, Finance: Setup
  2. Click Entities 
  3. Select the Entity required 
  4. In Entity Properties, go to the section for the required Non-labor Role (ex - Expense Rate Defaults)
  5. Click the drop-down on Source Location 
  6. Select Resource 
  7. Save 
  8. Repopulate the Cost Plan to see the Non-Labor Roles are now grouped within the Department specified on the Staff OBS Unit field within the Investment