CA View - How to Stop a SYSOUT Being Processed by View
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CA View - How to Stop a SYSOUT Being Processed by View


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How do you stop a SYSOUT that is being processed by View?

We had a situation, there was a job consuming more than 20% spool, so the spool utilization went to 95%+.

When we realized the problem and canceled the job with PURGE output, View immediately started processing the output.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


A job that is running can be placed on hold. 
When the job completes, it goes to OUTPPEND status. 
If you then issue a "C" command on it, the job and output will be purged. 

A sysout collected by the View SARSTC shows an initial location of OPEN, then changes to DISK (or TAPE) when the sysout has been fully collected. 
View polls the spool for sysout that meets its criteria and then transfers the sysout line-by-line, until no more of it remains in the spool. 

To not collect output, the process is:

 . Stop the job from running that is producing the output. 
 . Change the class of the output to one that is not collected by View. 
 . This would include having the output be on hold, as View does not collect held output. 
 . Delete the output, if not wanted. 

 . If the report comes from CA Deliver, stop the related RMOSTC task that is performing any DIRECT writes.