API Portal: Increase API Key Length
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API Portal: Increase API Key Length


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CA API Developer Portal


The API key character count from Portal 4.5 is different than Portal 3.5. Portal 3.5 has 36 characters for API key and Portal 4.5 has 34 characters for API key. The main difference being the prepended `xx`, for the additional two characters in 3.5. 

Portal 3.5 Apikey Creation Example

Portal 4.5 Apikey Creation Example

When looking at the gateways, there is also a difference. In Gateway 9.2, which is coupled with the 3.5 Portal, there is a service called API Key Management Service. But when looking at Gateway 10.0, which is coupled with Portal 4.5, this service is not there. In this service is where we see the l7xx prepended. 

Is there a way to update the API key creation in Portal 4.5 to also have this l7xx like it is in Portal 3.5? The reason for this request is to be consistent in our API key creations, for pattern and API key length.


API Portal: 4.5


In Portal 3.5, there was a dependency on the API Key Management Service so portal APIs could be published to the Gateway. In newer releases, portal APIs are published on the Gateway without using that service. 

There's no way to change the prefix of the API key. We've changed the way generate the keys between Portal 3.5 and Portal 4.5.

Additional Information

If needed, you can manually publish the API Key Management service on Gateway 10.0 via the Publish Internal Service Wizard.