"Error 401 User Not Registered" in Advanced Reporting clicking Home button
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"Error 401 User Not Registered" in Advanced Reporting clicking Home button


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Users cannot navigate back to Advanced Reporting correctly from the 'Error 401 - User not registered' error page


  1. Log in to Clarity using an admin user 
  2. Navigate to Advanced Reporting
  3. Create an Adhoc report and save it under a folder (it can be OOTB or customer) 
  4. Create a new user and add the below group and rights
    • Group: Basic group for user access (this is the default which comes with the product)
    • Rights:
      • Advanced Reporting – Navigate
      • Advanced Reporting - Report Create
  5. Run the Create and update Jaspersoft user job 
  6. Log in to clarity with the newly created user and navigate to Advanced Reporting 
  7. Go to the folder where the Adhoc report is stored and click on the Adhoc view 
  8. User will get an error page which is fine with the below text:
    • You do not have permission to view this page.
    • Please contact your system administrator or log in as a user with permission
  9. If you click on the highlighted section (Home icon) you get navigated to http://clarity/reportservice/exituser.html.
  10. From this page, when you call from Jaspersoft, it triggers a logout, but in Clarity, you are not logged out (since it is embedded) but rather brought to a standard error page http://clarity/niku/nu#action:union.userInvalid with below error 


Release : 15.8, 15.8.1,15.9,15.9.1, 15.9.2



This is a defect DE60481 


Fixed in 15.9.3 as DE60481

Workaround: Provide user the Advance Reporting Create rights (Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc Create)