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Replaced mobile phone and VIP Credential is no longer accepted.


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VIP Service


I have received a new mobile phone and installed VIP Access app.

But the 6 digit code is not allowing to login.



Release : 1.0

Component : VIP Manager


When you install "VIP Access" app, it will generate a new 'Credential ID'.

This would not be the same value as your previous Credential ID so it is not linked to your VIP user account.


You will need to contact your VIP Admin person in your organization to update your VIP Credential to the new one. Symantec VIP Support team is not authorized to work on end user requests because of security reasons.

VIP access will show you "CREDENTIAL ID" which would be something like "SYMC12345678", this need to be provided to your VIP Admin and they will be able to update your profile with the new credential id.