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Table location of server data manually imported into Inventory in the Operator Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


I imported some inventory items into UIM using the Inventory section of the Operator Console. I used the example available at D:\Nimsoft\probes\service\cm_data_import\schema\example1MaximalDevice to build the following XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <Description>2019 Test Server for SERVICE REQUEST 1631877</Description>
    <Model>Virtual Machine (VMWare)</Model>

The data imported successfully, but I cannot see any reference to the bold fields above in UIM.  I looked in the database in cm_computer_system, and I do not see any reference to that data.

Where is this information written for imported devices in the UIM database?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - CM_DATA_IMPORT


The values should be in the CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM_ATTR table. Use valid enumerated values as described in the enum files in the cm_data_import directory.
You can use a query similar to this to view the imported data:

select distinct cs_attr_key, cs_attr_value
where cs_attr_key like '%PrimaryRole%' or cs_attr_key = 'Vendor' or cs_attr_key = 'label'


For those optional properties, highlighted in bold, such as Description, Vendor, PrimaryDeviceRole, etc., it looks like you are limited to using the values that are listed in the *openenums.xml file(s). For example:

...\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\service\cm_data_import\schema\usm-openenums.xml

or cm-data-import-openenums.xml

For example for 'Vendor'

<usm-meta:EnumDetails enumName="VendorEnum">
<usm-meta:Documentation>An explicit list of hardware and software vendor names.</usm-meta:Documentation>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value=".netcart" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="1E" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="1st benison" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="20-20 Technologies" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="2BrightSparks" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="3am Labs" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="3Com Corporation" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="3d-chat" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="3Dconnexion" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="3M" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="A4Tech Co" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="Aaron Bishell" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="ABB Ltd" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="Abbyy Software House" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="Abel" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="Absolute Futurity" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="AC-U-KWIK" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>
<usm-meta:EnumValue value="AC3Filter" shouldBeTranslated="false"/>