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(Operator Console Only) Set Automatic HTTP to HTTPS Redirect - crashes wasp


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After successfully configuring HTTPS using an Authority Signed Certificate for OC wasp, we tried to configure HTTPS redirect, as suggested in the documentation, but doing so, the wasp probe didn't start anymore.

The steps followed were those under "(Operator Console Only) Set Automatic HTTP to HTTPS Redirect" section, on next link


Release : 20.3



There is no error in the wasp.log other than the probe reached the max restart attempts.

On step 6, of the documentation, to cofnigure HTTP redirect, you need to add a line to the wasp.cfg under the setup section.

The http_connector section tag that need to be added, might already exist in the wasp file, and if so, the redirectPort key must be added in the existing http_connector section, instead of create a new one.

Adding a new http_connector section will cause the wasp probe fail to start.


The first thing to do is to remove the entry you manually added from the wasp.cfg file. Make sure the wasp probe start ok after that.

Then, there are at least two options to resolve the issue.

First option would be,

1. Raw Configure the OC wasp probe. Click the Setup section. Click the http_connector section.
2. Click the plus sign to add a key
3. Add the redirectPort key, and set the value to the same value you set for https_port key.


A second option, in case you feel more comfortable editing the file is

1. Edit the wasp.cfg file, and look for the original http_connector section, and add the entry for redirectPort under it.
     After adding the key, the file should look as follow:

2. Save the file and restart the wasp probe.

Additional Information

To make the HTTPS redirect works, remember you need to add the https_port and the http_port keys, and add the redirectPort key in the http_connector section, besides the other changes to the web.xml files mentioned in the documentation.

After restart the wasp probe, when you browse to OC using HTTP (http_port), you will be redirected to HTTPS (https_port)