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Getting "connection refused" on DX APM SAAS


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DX Application Performance Management


We are encountering DX APM SAAS login issue.
Login works on the DX SAAS platform, but when we click on the APM to open APM SAAS UI, we are getting the following error.
{"error":{"code":12,"message":"Connection refused","traceId":"4540seigfshgg584"}}

We are observing same issue for 2 tenants. The HAR file shows 503 Service Unavailable


Release : SAAS



For one tenant, there was an issue with hostname resolution on the DX SAAS backend which was resolved by DX SAAS team. 
For the other tenant, it seems like DX APM services was not available for short durations. On DX SAAS backend there was no issue found. The problem was corrected itself after some time.
Please test the login again after sometime. If you continue to observe the login issue, open a new support case.