Security File Requirements for MC passwords
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Security File Requirements for MC passwords


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Top Secret


What are the configuration requirements in Top Secret Security for using mixed case passwords? 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


If the security file was allocated in Top Secret r12 or below, then the Security file will need to be updated with a new password structure to allow mixed case passwords:  

1. Run TSSMAINT to define a new security file.
2. Run TSSXTEND using the NEWPWBLK keyword.
   Mixed-case support is enabled.
3. Set the NEWPW option in the parameter file.
   The mixed case option is set. 

If the security file was allocated in Top Secret r14 or above, NEWPWBLK is the default, then steps 1 and 2 above are unnecessary. 

Issue TSS MODIFY ST and look for NEW_PASSWORD(xxxx). If xxxx is "Active", then the security file has been TSSXTEND copied with NEWPWBLK option or the security file was formatted using Top Secret r14, r15, or r16.  

If another program or interface, such as CICS uppercase transaction feature UTRAN, translates passwords to uppercase, before passing the password to Top Secret which cause the passwords will be stored/read in uppercase even if the mixed case option is set.  

If an administrator is in uppercase mode in CICS  terminal session, replacing the password via:

TSS REPL(acid) PASS(xxxx)

command will be uppercased including the password causing the acid's password to be uppercase on the security file.

Another example, BASIC mode in ROSCOE, all terminal input is translated to uppercase. 

If TSS REPLACE(BOB) PASS(robert) is issued and NEWPW(MC) and NEW_PASSWORD(Active) are in place, the command sent to TSS will be uppercased to  TSS REPLACE(BOB) PASSWORD(ROBERT), and BOB's password will stored on the security file in uppercase.

Ref: Allow Mixed-Case Passwords