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Symantec Protection Engine needs to be configured to restrict versions of TLS used.


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS


You want to set which versions of TLS are used for the Java based Local Console for Symantec Protection Engine (SPE).


For Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) with use of the local Java based console. This requires Java 8. See the Java Support Matrix for specific supported versions.



SPE has the option to utilize a User Interface built on top of Oracle Java. The following instructions provide a method to configure the Java 8 security to be restricted to a specific TLS version.

  1. Navigate to the Java Control Panel and select the Advanced Tab.

  2. Scroll down to Advanced Security Settings and select which TLS versions you want in use.

  3. Click the Apply button.

  4. Select okay to exit.

This will modify the deployment.configuration file for Java accordingly. The expected results would be that it is restricted to allowing only the TLS versions selected for access to the console.