How to reinitialize the CA 7 TCP/IP interface
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How to reinitialize the CA 7 TCP/IP interface


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CA 7 Workload Automation


When you start CA 7 and the TCP/IP interface can not bind to a port and you get error:

CAL2T055E BIND   function failed. RC=FFFFFFFF CC=00000030.

Once the port is free you can restart the TCP/IP interface without recycling CA 7


Release : 11.3, 12.0, 12.1

Component : CA-7


To restart the TCP/IP interface, enter the following CA 7 commands:


After you issue /CLOSE command you will see the following message in the CA 7 stc log:

CAL2T052I TCP/IP terminal interface is terminating

Now, to start the interface issue command:


After you issue the /OPEN command you should see the following messages and "no" CAL2T055E message:

CAL2T050I TCP/IP host name is HOSTNAME    
CAL2T051I TCP/IP host addr is
CAL2T065I TCP/IP port number is 1234      


*Note: The value for the GROUP keyword on the /CLOSE and /OPEN command may not be "ccigrp" if you defined the CCI group using another name. See your CA 7 initialization file (UCC7IN) to get your CCI group name.