How to filter Referrer value in Report Options ?
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How to filter Referrer value in Report Options ?


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Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA


There is no referrer field in Full log detail of Report option.
Is there any way to filter by Referrer field ?


Release : Reporter10.6.1.1

Component : Report


You can filter by referrer value such a below.

Refer below How to setup steps.
[Note] This process need stop Reporter service plan maintenance time before.
[Note] Reporter doesn't support modify the dbfields.cfg for under operating database.
          The dbfields.cfg's edit point to work completely, you need once rebuild database(Article Id: 216267).



How to setup

1.Login reporter via ssh console and then move to Enable mode.
2.Stop Reporter to modify setting files.
  Run command stop-reporter response as y console question Are you sure ? (y/N):
  Need wait display Reporter stopped.
3.Modify the Reporter config file dbfields.cfg.
  Run command edit-settings edit dbfields.cfg
  Reporter command line interface will display the file dbfields.cfg, you can modify this file by VI Editor Commands.

4.Move Referrer setting point and modify below 3 setting (Default settings in Additional Information)

  •     filterable = from false to true
  •     hidden_from_base = from true to false
  •     dataset_field = from false to true

 After modify save dbfields.cfg as vi command wq!
  } # cs_referer

5.Commit some values for Reporter.
Run command edit-settings commit dbfields.cfg

6.After setting start Reporter service.
Run command start-reporter and response as y console question Are you sure (starting Reporter will discard any uncommitted configuration file changes you have made) (y/N):


Additional Information

Default setting of dbfields.cfg's "cs_referer field"

  cs_referer = {
    label = "_shared.cs_referer_fld"
    plural_label = "_shared.cs_referer_flds"
    type = "string"
    format_type = "string"
    filterable = "false" <------------------------------
    relative_width = "3"
    time_based = "false"
    url_field = "false"
    category_field = "false"
    counter_field = "false"
    hidden_from_base = "true" <--------------------------
    hidden_from_deadend = "true"
    dataset_field = "false" <----------------------------
    internal_field = "false"
    ip_field = "false"
    string_bag_field = "true"
    video_field = "false"
    http_field = "true"
    video_dataset_field = "false"
  } # cs_referer