Delete remaining entries in CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM from deleted QOS metrics
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Delete remaining entries in CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM from deleted QOS metrics


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have deleted some Metrics using the SLM portlet, however, when I look at the CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM table I'm seeing remaining entries from the removed target. How can I can completely remove remaining entries in the DB from a target that no longer exist? 

For example, we delete the "extents" checkpoint from the oracle probe. This will leave behind ci_metrics , rn, hn and s_qos_data tables.


select * from CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM where ci_name like '%extents%'

ci_id dev_id ci_parent_id ci_type ci_name
C000003277AD0A3D7EDC98708B5519B09 D62713D34ABC92122614898635C1E8B6E NULL 4.1 M2Mxxx-M2Mxxxx-extents.Sxx.Wxx$_LAxxH.Wxx$_LAxxxH_378649040_49478



Is there a method, script or pu to perform a deletion and cleanup? How would these residual items be dealt with?


Release : 20.3



The supported method for safely removing QOS objects from the DB such as a checkpoint/profile specific information or else all QOS related to a specific probe, or family of metrics is using the SLM webapp. (SLM View in UIM 20.3.x) 

You can View and if needed delete data: 

The SLM View


However, to remove any remaining entry from the correlation tables such as CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM you can do the following:


1. In Operator Console, log in as administrator, go to inventory select the device and select the options and Delete device. 

2. do NOT select any of the checkbox: (delete measurements, prevent_rediscovery, ack alarms)

3. Restart the discovery_server


After few minutes the device will be rediscovered. After this, only active and relevant configuration item information will populate the tables. 

if you do this for the device shown in the example, you will notice that the ci_name "M2Mxxx-M2Mxxxx-extens.Sxx.Wxx$_LATxx.Wxx$_LAxxH_3786xx0_494xxx8" will no longer appear in the table if the originating monitoring probe is no longer collecting the same values from the same targets. 



Additional Information

the KB below some information about how the different QOS and Discovery tables relate to each other. 


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