Unrecognized model - VA012 or VA084 while running powervault_probe.py
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Unrecognized model - VA012 or VA084 while running powervault_probe.py


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During the configuration stage of the Dell Seagate storage, the documentation states you should run the powervault_probe.py script.  You may encounter the following error

Unrecognized model - VA012

Unrecognized model - VA084




Release:  8.1.3, 8.2.1, 8.2.2


The script is expecting a Dell storage array that begins with ME4 instead of VA012 or VA084.


If you have the larger VA084 storage array, the modification to the multipath.conf file below will fix the problem.  

If you have the smaller VA012 storage device, a patched powervault_probe.py script is required.  Using your license key as the username and password, download the patch here:  https://license.soleranetworks.com/upgrades/NSR822-1.  Instructions on how to apply the patch can be found in the README included in the zip file.


In addition to the 8.2.2-1 patch, there is one more modification required regardless of whether you have a VA084 or a VA012.

Confirm that the /etc/multipath.conf file has the following change.

  1. From the CLI logged in as root, cd to the /etc directory
  2. Using the 'vi' text editor, modify the /etc/multipath.conf file
  3. Locate the section that mentions the blacklist_exceptions
  4. Under vendor  "DellEMC", change product "ME4" to product "VA*"
  5. Save the file and exit