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Custom calculated "Overall Status" attribute on Status Report object not working


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You creat a custom "Overall Status" field on the Status Report object which is intended to return the highest Risk level of two factors "Schedule Status" and "Cost and Effort Status" and display the color accordingly.

The formula used for the custom attribute is :


Why is the color mapping not working per the formula created?


On your new Status attribute make sure you change the mappings.

The OOTB are

  • 10-40
  • 40-90
  • 90-100

The lookups associated with these attributes use these values:

  • On Track = 10
  • Needs Help = 20
  • At Risk = 30

So now because we are just using the value from the max attribute the mappings need to change to something like this.

  • 0-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30

then the colors work right.


Release : All Supported


Change the Display Mappings to only to 30.