Edit MUX views to add a custom attribute
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Edit MUX views to add a custom attribute


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How do you pull in a custom attribute into the Modern User Experience (MUX / UX) Project  / Idea properties page? Example: You have an attribute named 'Sub Category' that you want to display in the Project Summary section but are unable to do so.


Release : All Supported

Component : Clarity PROJECT MANAGEMENT


  1. Go to classic Clarity in Administration->Objects->Studio->Object
  2. In the properties of the custom attribute, ensure the attribute has an API Attribute ID (in the form of c_xxxx so eg. c_customattrib)
  3. In modern UX, browse to Administration ->Blueprints.
  4. Create a new Blueprint or use an existing custom-made one.
  5. Click on the blueprint and then select the Edit button.
  6. Drag the custom field to the desired section, and then click Publish.
  7. To make the Blueprint the default, click the 3 dot menu to the left of the blueprint and select Set as Default.
  8. The custom field will now be visible in the project.

Additional Information

See also: MUX views / flyouts - master KB of known issues