OEBS job is not registering a RTF file
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OEBS job is not registering a RTF file


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


User is facing an issue where a file is not getting registered by a OEBS Agent. When the user checks the Oracle EBS directory, the file is there but in the capture job it's null. This can happen to job randomly.

The successful job is in 285514347.REP.txt:

2020-11-30 21:33:49 pool-1-thread-77: Default: outputFiles [/ebs/ameprd/requests/log/l76004737.req, /ebs/ameprd/requests/out/o76004737.out, /ebs/ameprd/requests/out/JLARAPAC_76004737_1.RTF]

whereas the job ended with warnings, 285510653.REP.txt:

2020-11-30 21:39:15 pool-1-thread-78: Default: outputFiles [/ebs/ameprd/requests/log/l76004804.req, /ebs/ameprd/requests/out/o76004804.out, null]


Release : 12.2


'null' is being returned from the Oracle database for the filename of the RTF.
This is not a bug in AE, for reference please see the query executed:

      select logfile_name,  outfile_name, o.file_name pub_name
      from fnd_concurrent_requests r, fnd_conc_req_outputs o
      where r.request_id = in_request_id
      and r.request_id = o.concurrent_request_id (+);

Please contact Oracle for possibilities to work around.