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Client Automation - Delay in shutdown of Linux computers


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


During shutdown process of Linux computer some minutes are spent in stopping of client automation process.

How to avoid this and speed up the shutdown process ?


During shutdown of Linux computer, process /etc/init.d/CA-DSM with parameter stop is executed.

In the script, the line #169 is executed and it the cause of delay :

sd_jexec unit=. shutdown >> "$startup_logfile" 2>&1

This line is needed only if some SD jobs with option "Run at Shutdown (UNIX only)" is checked :



Client Automation - All versions


If SD Job option "Run at Shutdown (UNIX only)" is never used, it is possible to disable this by editing the file /etc/init.d/CA-DSM and put in comment the line #169 :

log "Calling sd_jexec unit=. shutdown"
#sd_jexec unit=. shutdown >> "$startup_logfile" 2>&1