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FC0532TLS Init Failed RC = 202 SFTPing Mainframe To BMC in Top Secret


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Top Secret


When trying to generate certificates with SSCP and BMC, errors mentioning an issue with Top Secret R_DATALIB resources occur. The user is attempting an sftp data transfer with a BMC certificate from the mainframe to the BMC server. The errors occurring are:

FC0532 ftpAuth: TLS init failed with rc = 202 (Error detected while opening the certificate database)

FC1577 endSecureEnv: entered                                                    

SC7428 update_cntl_appldata: entered                                           

GU5348 ftpSetApplData: entered                                                 

SC7428 update_cntl_appldata: entered                                            

GU5348 ftpSetApplData: entered                                                 

EZA2897I Authentication negotiation failed                                     

SC4116 inSession: entered                                                      

CZ0741 SETCEC code = 17                                                        

EZA2898I Unable to successfully negotiate required authentication              

CX0375 main: error and exit on error                                           

SC4068 getLastReply: entered                                                   

CX0389 main: RC=-0001 cmd_in_progress=10                                       

CX0392 main: last_reply=     err=17                                            

PC0945 setClientRC: entered                                                    

SC4068 getLastReply: entered                                                   

PC1015 setClientRC: std_rc=10000, rc_type=FIX, rc=0008                         

EZA1735I Std Return Code = 10000, Error Code = 00017                           

CZ1355 ftpQuit: entered                                                          


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The problem is related to one side using FTP and the other side using SFTP.  Both sides need to use SFTP.

Also, port 8044 should be used.