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Unable to move an OBS Unit to any level except to an existing unit without any children units


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • If an OBS has an object associated to it, restricted at the lowest level, you cannot move a unit of that OBS below another unit, if the target unit already has child units.
  • This happens even if all units do not have any Attached Instances of the Associated Object.
  • When you try to move one of the units that have no instances attached to a unit that already has a child unit, the unit with the child unit will not be available to be selected for the move.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to the application
  2. Navigate to Administration, Organization and Access: OBS
  3. Create an Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) with multiple levels (at least 3 levels or more)
  4. Select an Associated Object and set the Association Mode = 'Lowest Level'
  5. Create OBS Units at different levels
  6. Try to move the existing OBS Units up and down the levels

Expected Result: We expected the movement of the OBS Unit to be allowed at any level.
Actual Result: We are only allowed to move the OBS Unit to an existing OBS Unit that does not have any children OBS units yet. Once at least one unit is added to that level, we cannot add more units


This is working as expected.
  • When the Associated Objects have 'Lowest Level' selected for the Object Association Mode, this indicates that the movement of existing OBS Units is restricted to the 'Lowest Level'.
  • The 'Lowest Level' is any defined as any existing OBS Unit that does not have any children units.


Release: All Supported releases
Component: Clarity PPM Studio


  • To have the ability to move and create OBS Units at any level, set the Object Association Mode to 'Any Unit'.
  • Changing the Association Mode to 'Lowest Level' may generate a warning message :

OBS-0233: Changing the association mode to a restrictive setting may set the default and override default values to blank. Do you want to continue?

  • The use of this association mode is restrictive to only allow users to select the lowest unit for associating instance data records.
  • Therefore if you want to associate to all levels within the structure it is recommended to keep the default setting to 'Any Unit'.

Additional Information

See Configure an Organizational Breakdown Structure
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