Risk Details Fly-out: date field changes not saved randonly.
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Risk Details Fly-out: date field changes not saved randonly.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


While performing changes to Date Fields on Risks, Issues or Changes, randomly changes are not saved. This happens when the Date field value is changed on the Details fly-out 

1. Open a project in the Modern UX
2. Go to Risks, Issue or Changes tabs, let say Risks
3. Create about 10 of them.
4. Select one of the instances and open the Details Fly-out
5. Change the Target Resolution Date or any other date field.
6. Click outside the Date field.
7. Keeping the Fly-out opened, move to the next risk on the grid.
8. Change the date field on the Fly-out of this new instances
9. Perform steps 7 and 8 through the grid instances

Expected Results: The changes get saved at every instances
Actual Results: At some point the changes being made do not get saved.


Clarity PPM 15.8.1


This is not reproducible in Clarity PPM 15.9.1

Additional Information

This so far has only been reproduced on MSSSQL datasets