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Role replacement with a resource that already is a team member results in allocation being moved but ETC not, hence the roles are not replaced despite availability


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Role replacement with a named resource who is already on the Team list moves the allocation but not the ETC; no replacement takes place nor any warning.

This is very confusing since there is no warning that the replace does not work, nor does the online help scenarios cover the observed:
"Consider the following behavior when replacing roles:
- When you fully decrement a role by replacing it with a named resource, the following behaviors are seen:
- The role allocation decrement to zero and the role is removed from the team staff page.
- All assignments and ETC that were assigned to the role are transferred to the named resource.
[ ... ]

When you partially replace a role by one or more named resources, the following behaviors are seen:
- The role allocation decrements by the amount replaced, and the role remains on the team list.
- No transfer of assignments is made to the named resources.
- The amount of the replaced role allocation is added to the named resource allocations.

When you replace a role that has assignments and ETC such that the role allocation is zero, the role remains on the team list. Reassign the task to one or more resources, and then remove the role from the project team."

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Administration side Project Management --> Settings, check "Reassign Tasks when replacing Role"
  2. In PPM, create a project of 4 weeks duration.
  3. Create 3 Tasks each of just 1 day duration
  4. Add 2 roles as team members (e.g. Analyst and DBA)
  5. Assign to task1: Architect (Allocation default 0%, so 0 allocation, 0 ETC)
  6. Assign to task2: DBA (Allocation default: 100%, Allocation 8hrs, ETC 8hrs)
  7. Assign to task3: Architect and DBA.
  8. In team add named resource which has primary role different from Architect and DBA, say engineer which is currently not assigned to any task (no effort task either).
  9. Now select in Team tab Resource finder next to Architect and then replace with named resource from step 8.

    Expected Result: assignment on task should change to resource. Not sure whether role should stay on team or not.
    Actual Result: role disappears from team list, task1 is unassigned and task3 has now only DBA assigned.

  10. Select in Team tab Resource finder next to DBA and then replace with named resource from step 8.
  11. Remove named resource and DBA from team list.
  12. Add DBA to team list and assign to task2 and task3.
  13. Change primary role for the named resource from engineer to DBA and save.
  14. Add named resource from step 13 to Team members.
  15. Select in Team tab Resource finder next to DBA and then replace with named resource.

    Note: also tested with Roles being soft or hard booked to the project (step 4) but same result.

Allocation and ETC to move to named resource.

Allocation moves from DBA to named resource, ETC (assignment) remains on role and therefore task assignment is still with the role, rather than resource


Remove the named resource team member and then do replace which might not always be viable.
Use requisition process to propose and then book the named resource to replace the role.


CLRT-69689: No plans to fix this issue.
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Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus