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Group name was truncated after exploring UNIV v2 Endpoint using Provioning Manager


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CA Identity Manager


 The Unix Endpoint has been configured as the following.

When we run Explore,  it was successful, however there are truncated Group name. E.g. "sloca" group name. At the endpoint the correct group name is "slocate"

When we double click the group to see the properties, the following error occurred
    Connector Server Read failed: code 32 (NO_SUCH_OBJECT): failed on search operation.
    Object [sloca] not found on the endpoint


Wrong value was set in "Shell Prompt (Regexp)" parameter of UNIX v2 Endpoint Configuration


Release : Identity Manager 14.x


To represent shell prompt like

    [[email protected] ~]$<space>

we should set "Shell Prompt (Regexp)" parameter to *\$( ), i.e. asterisk + backslash + dollar + opening bracket + space + closing bracket characters. This Regexp means "any characters" + "dollar character" + "space character".

When you set "Shell Prompt (Regexp)" parameter as *$, as $ symbol has a meaning in Regexp and it asserts position at the end of a line, this fails to represent a prompt with $ character. To have a literal $ you need to escape it using back slash character, i.e. \$.

So set "Shell Prompt (Regexp)" parameter value correctly, e.g. *\$( ), i.e. asterisk + backslash + dollar + opening bracket + space + closing bracket characters, to resolve this problem.